Roading Networks

Identifying faults on your sign network is a service we offer that ensures damaged or missing signs are identified and replaced quickly, providing the road user with safe driving conditions.
Our inspector drives the roads requested, observes and reports using an Excel spreadsheet and photos.
This information is shared with the client who can request the work be completed ASAP or programmed for later repair/replacement.

Guide Signs

Guide signs have a warranty period and a general life expectancy. Older signs may have reduced reflectivity, be installed in positions that do not maximise their expected visual impact, or are on poles or structures that are non-compliant. Our inspectors drive the requested network and complete a full compliant test on each sign.
Measuring reflectivity using a retroreflectometer, sign heights to bottom of sign, lateral clearances, observation angles and any other information the client may require. This information can be recorded using S.A.M’s own system or we can use the clients preferred system if required.

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