Asset Management

Digital Roadside Asset Inventory

SAM’s foundation data creates a digital twin of roadside assets for a single source of truth to help cities achieve smart city goals, including:

Data Collection

Each data point within a city consists of the exact geo-location, the classification of the asset (e.g. Parking Sign, Parking Meter), the parking restriction category (e.g. No Stopping, No Parking) and a clear image of the asset.

Asset Manager Dashboard

Our data can be used to generate asset manager dashboards for interrogation, kerb analytics and improved planning. Traditional surveying and auditing methods are expensive and quickly go out of date – with this solution the database is always kept up to date.

Asset Maintenance

Additional information can be added to better plan maintenance schedules, such as the condition of the asset, including its reflectivity, physical damage of vandalized signs. This data can be ingested into GIS or asset management systems so cities can view their assets in a geospatial representation without the need for a site visit. A support and maintenance program keeps the asset base up to date, removing the need to collect the asset data again. The data is always up to date because as each new sign is commissioned, a digital twin will be created in the database. Every asset can be viewed in GIS and mapping systems, so you know exactly what you have and where.

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